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Let us explain the process, from placing an order on our website to having the portrait in your hands/paws.

Don’t worry; It’s easy as one, two, three!

  • Start by choosing one of our beautiful products. Start shopping. 🛒
  • When you’ve chosen what product you’d like, start customizing your portrait on the product page. Upload 1-3 photos of your pet and select any other options to your liking! Are you having trouble choosing your product? Two of our customer favorites are The Warlord and The Queen 😍
  • When you’re happy with your product options, add them to the cart and checkout! It’s that easy! 🚀 Always free shipping.

Creating a flawless portrait from photos is not an easy job. That’s why we’ve handpicked experienced professionals to work on your portrait. You can be sure that your portrait will be in the hands of a true artist. We have a unique work process for creating your portrait as well as an in-house quality check of all portraits made to make sure your portrait is nothing else than perfect.

If you added a preview (+9 €), you’ll get an email with a preview of your portrait, this is to make sure you are happy before we print it. Usually, our customers are satisfied without any changes, more than 90% of them actually. But, if you do want to make any changes to your portrait, you can request a revision with your wishes, and our designer will start working on them. Note, however, that we can’t fulfill all sorts of requests, and primarily small changes are allowed.

Examples of what you can change:

  • The size of the body/head of the pet, to fit your perception of your unique best friend.
  • Adjusting the amount of whiskers on your pet.
  • Slight color and lighting corrections.

Examples of what you can’t change:

  • The photo that was used in the portrait creation process
  • Opening or closing the mouth/eyes of the pet
  • Changing the natural pose of the pet in the photo

Are you wondering more about what changes are allowed and not? Please read our terms and conditions.

When you’ve approved the portrait, or 48 hours have passed without any answer to the preview email, we will send the portrait to print! 📦

Shipping times vary depending on your country of residence. You can check out shipping times below if you want the specifics. Rest assured, the shipping will always be free. 📦🌍

If you added the option to receive a digital image (+4 €) of your portrait, you will also receive an email with a link to download the high-resolution image file of your portrait. This image is yours forever and will be of such high quality that you may use it to print on phone cases, mugs, blankets, and more! A customer favorite is also using it as background on their smartphone.


Are you wondering what photos you should use for your order? Maybe you’re planning to take pictures to use just for your portrait from us. Either way, it’s great that you’re doing some research! Giving us great photos of your beloved best friend will provide us with the possibility to create a genuinely high-quality pet portrait for you. So check out these few steps to taking a great photo.

  • Make sure you’ve got the lighting right. The best kind of light is always daylight. If you’re not a professional, it is hard to recreate the superb lighting of our sun with indoor lighting. Also, make sure that the lighting is distributed evenly on the face of the pet.
  • The whole face of the pet is visible in the photo. We often see an ear or a part of the head is out of frame. This makes it much more difficult for the designer to create your portrait. So make sure the whole head of the pet is in the photo!
  • Avoid blurry or low res photos. Usually, we encourage our customers to take pictures with their best camera. This gives our designer the absolute best possibility to design your portrait.

Want us to tell you if your photos are good enough? No problem, send us an email at and attach your photo(s) to your email. We’ll let you know! And any other questions are welcome too. 😊


  • Daylight evenly distributed on the dog’s face.
  • Whole face in the image
  • High-resolution image


  • Light mainly on the right part of the face
  • Ears not entirely in the image
  • Blurry low-resolution image


The shipping is always free when purchasing a portrait from us, no matter where you live. To see individual shipping times, please see the chart below:


Country Estimated Shipping Time
Europe 6-30 workdays
Scandinavia 6-30 workdays
UK / Ireland 3-6 workdays
USA 4-8 workdays
Canada 5-10 workdays
Australia / NZ 5-10 workdays
Rest of the world 5-15 workdays


Country Estimated Shipping Time
Europe 5-14 workdays
Scandinavia 5-13 workdays
UK / Ireland 2-6 workdays
USA 3-5 workdays
Canada 4-8 workdays
Australia / NZ 2-8 workdays
Rest of the world 5-15 workdays

Would you like to know shipping times to your specific country? Let us know! We’ll happily help. Just shoot us a message at We’ll get back to you within 24h.

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